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How to buy cell phone. Why buy refurbished cell phones

When you buy cell phone its a good idea to check refurbished cell phones. a lot of the time refurbished phones are a fraction of the cost of new cell phones. By purchasing these phones you can help the environment. its recycling program and in the process you also save money. now i know what you are thinking a refurbished phone will be old with no new technologies etc.. but you will be surprised to find that you can get refurbished phones like the Nokia N80 which is relatively new. Sometimes people purchase these phones and don't like them so the exchange them for new phones. or they purchase one model and a newer one comes out a couple of months later so they upgrade in the process they exchange or sell their old phones. which in turn brings up another point should you buy a used cell phone. This is a good idea as long as you are buying from a reputable merchant.

What is the new trend in cell phone purchases

If you decide to go for a new cell phone the current trend that i have noticed is cell phone camera. A camera phone or a smartphone ie PDA is what everyone is going for these days. To my knowledge Samsung has the lead with its announcement of a 10megtabitte camera phone. This is a huge advancement in phone technology but i can only imag ine the price of a cell phone camera.

History of TDMA/GSM

TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) used in the United States as a name for the mobile phone standard more properly referred to as IS-136 or D-AMPS. Although this system is most often referred to as TDMA, includes GSM, as well as in IS-54 and IS-136. The two different uses of this term can be confusing. TDMA (the technique) is also used in the GSM standard. However, TDMA (the standard, i.e. IS-136) has been competing against GSM and CDMA (systems based on Code division multiple access) for adoption by the network carriers, although IS-136 is now being phased out in favor of GSM technology.

IS-54 and IS-136 are second-generation (2G) mobile phone systems, known as Digital AMPS (D-AMPS). It is used throughout the Americas, particularly in the United States and Canada. D-AMPS is considered end-of-life, and existing networks are in the process of being replaced by GSM/GPRS and CDMA2000 technologies.

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