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What are refurbished Cell Phones

A refurbished cell phone is one that has been returned by a dealer or customer to the manufacturer due to damage or other reasons. Refurbished cell phones are checked for defects and, if necessary, repaired and cleaned up.

Some companies also purchase used phones and have them refurbished independently or in house. In many cases, refurbished cell phones have only been used for a short period of time. If you purchase a Refurb’s also called RB phone, you are likely to receive a warranty or the choice to purchase an extended warranty. Some refurbished cell phones may simply used cell phones that have been subjected to diagnostic and quality assurance tests and then reconditioned to have a new appearance so they can be sold.

My personal experience with RB’s is that they should be avoided unless you can get a warranty for them at a reasonable price. Always check the terms and condition of warranty to make sure you are covered and there are no loop holes where the merchant will try to give you a run around. Remember the rule the golden rule when buying "You get what you pay for". So if you buy refurbished don't expect it to be new. It is what it is "just like new"!

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