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Broadband For Cell Phones Getting Better and Better

San Francisco - The first generation of High Speed Packet Access mobile services increased download speeds to mobile phones. Now carriers are also launching HSPA services, also known as Turbo-3G, with faster upload speeds, making the mobile office even more of a reality.

On Thursday, AT&T Wireless unveiled two new LaptopConnected HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) data cards for its wireless broadband customers.

Another carrier that has upgraded its network and recently launched a service is 3 Sweden.

"We are mainly talking to professional users. It's a really good service for people that need to send large files," said Camilla B├╝low.

It charges a flat monthly fee of 299 Swedish kronor ($46) for the service, aptly named Pro.

AT&T Wireless and 3 Sweden are not the only operators speeding up their networks. Around 50 carriers currently support HSUPA, according to the latest figures from GSM Association, a group representing network operators.
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