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Onkyo TXSR505B Home Theater Receiver 7.1 Channel HDMI 1080p Dolby/DTS iPOD-Compatible $249.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Experience Seriously Capable Home Theater with Stunning Versatility. To best appreciate the versatility of the TX-SR505, think of the home entertainment components that define today’s consumer electronics landscape. It’s a formidable selection, with HD-ready displays (from the first generation to the latest 1080p models), DVD players (including the latest Blu-ray and HD DVD players), gaming consoles (such as the Xbox® and PlayStation® 3), set-top boxes (consider PVRs offering HD transmissions) and MP3 players (specifically the dominant iPod). With the TX-SR505’s HDMI transport enabling pass-thru sources up to 1080p and component video supporting 720p and 1080i sources, this A/V receiver is a fine investment for those who want the best of what’s available today…and tomorrow.

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Final Price: $249.99 + Free Shipping + NO Tax Except (IL FL NC)

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