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Americans Slow at Recycling Gadgets

U.S. consumers still slow to recycle gadgets

Americans Slow at Recycling Gadgets
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Green may be the new black, but many U.S. consumers are not recycling old electronic gadgets despite promises by multiple organizations for hassle-free ways to get rid of electronic waste.

Putting computers, televisions or cell phones in the trash is increasingly frowned on, and states like Massachusetts ban discarding many electronics in garbage cans. As a result, some local authorities arrange free recycling events and companies and charities around the country offer to recycle old devices.

But while most U.S consumers say they approve of recycling, a large number are not actually doing it. Stephen Baker of consumer research firm NPD Group has an idea why.

"People aren't doing it because people are lazy. When it comes right down to it there are no incentives. Most of the time it costs them money and even if it doesn't, the customer has to be proactive," said Baker.

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