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HTC Touch Diamond 3G Cell Phone


HTC's Touch Diamond The iPhone 2.0 Killer?
If you want a touch-screen, Web-browsing, 3G-capable cell phone. You don't have to wait for the rumored 3G Apple iPhone. HTC's new Touch Diamond matches or almost carbon copies Apple's breakthrough device while offering the speedy connections of 3G networks.

Apple is expected to release a 3G version of the iPhone in 2008, perhaps as soon as the third quarter. As Apple remains silent on the timing, features or even existence of the 3G iPhone, the Apple rumor blogs have gone wild with speculation that the new phone will have a plastic case, boast a sensor (possibly for a video camera), support handwriting recognition and sell for a mere $200.

In the face of that breathless anticipation comes HTC with a phone that features a 2.8-inch VGA touch screen with the ability to change orientation as the user rotates the phone, a YouTube application for watching video, a version of Google Maps, and many other features of the current iPhone.

"This is going to be the biggest product of my life," said HTC's CEO Peter Chou.

iPhone More than a Phone

But even with 3G and all those copycat features, the new HTC phone isn't even relevant to Apple's plans, said Tim Bajarin, principal analyst with Creative Strategies.

"While the new HTC phone is important to the smart-phone industry in general, it will have almost no impact on Apple," Bajarin said. "Apple's iPhone is unique in that it is based on a full operating system -- Mac OS X -- and has a full browser. And with the new apps that are coming out soon, it will be more like having a real PC in your pocket, not just a phone."

Apple recently released a kit for third-party developers and has promised to deliver version 2.0 of the iPhone operating system by June. Apple will host its Worldwide Developers Conference starting on June 9, when the new software will be released. It is expected that third-party applications will be available for the platform then.

Source: Yahoo News

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